Committee Members


 Eric Paver

01395 266441


 Ro Smith

 Minutes Secretary

 Roger Bendall

01395 568589 

 Social Secretary

 Janet Bendall &

 Angela Marshall

01395 568589 

01395 568802


 Iain Ure

01395 568822

 Show Secretary

 Iain Ure

01395 568822 

 Publicity Officer  Joan Paver 01395 266441

 Sharon Young
01395 708302

 Dale Wiles
01395 567678 


We are constantly seeking to improve the club and welcome ideas from our members.

We will always be pleased to hear from you so contact a committee member above.

Alternatively use the Contact Us Button to send an E-mail.


COMMITTEE MEETINGS  7.30pm in Committee Room, Village Hall 

Jan         7th 2020
March     3rd
April       7th
May        5th
Sept       1st
Oct         6th
Nov        3rd
Jan         5th 2021

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