Show Rules

1 The Spring Show will normally be held on a Saturday in March or April, annually, the date to be determined by the club's committee.

2 Entry to all classes is open to all comers.

3 No fee will be charged for entering exhibits.

4 Except for the floral decoration, home-made produce and children's classes, all entries must have been grown by the exhibitor.

5 All entries must be made on the form supplied, and must reach the show secretary by 9pm two days prior to the show.

6 All entries must be staged by 10.30am and not removed until after the prizegiving.

7 Not more than one entry will be accepted for each class from any one exhibitor.

8 The judges' decision shall be final and not open to dispute.

9 Judges shall not be exhibitors in the show and will not be present during the staging of exhibits.

10 No person may steward in any section in which he/she is an exhibitor.

11 The club will take ordinary care of the exhibits, but cannot be held responsible in any way for damage or loss to persons or property.

12 Points awarded for all classes are: 1st - 3 points; 2nd - 2 points; 3rd - 1 point.