Autumn Show Schedule 2023

The HART CUP will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in the Show

CUT BLOOMS                                  Judge Paul Champion  

Awards: Bennett Cup (most points); Jenner Cup (best exhibit)

Vases will be provided for all entries in this section

1    Dahlias, 3 blooms, 1 variety
2    Dahlias, 3 blooms, mixed varieties
3    Roses, HT/bush, 3 stems, 1 or more varieties
4    Roses, floribunda/cluster, 3 stems, 1 or more varieties
5    Rose, 1 bloom, any variety
6    Michaelmas daisies, 3 stems
7    Hydrangeas, 3 clusters, 1 or more varieties
8    Gladiolus, 1 spike
9    One stem of any flower not listed elsewhere in the schedule
10  Any flowers not named in schedule, 5 stems, 1 or more varieties
11  Berried shrubs, 3 stems, 1 or more varieties, max 50cm wide, 60cm high
12  Flowering shrubs, 3 sprays, max 50cm wide, 75cm high

POT PLANTS                                     Judge Paul Champion  
Awards: Plant Cup (most points); Alan Miller Cup (best exhibit)

13 Fuchsia, any variety, pot not to exceed 18cm
14 Zonal pelargonium (geranium), pot not to exceed 18cm
15 Any flowering plant, not fuchsia/zonal pelargonium, pot not to exceed 23cm
16 Any plant, foliage only, not flowering, pot not to exceed 23cm

17  One cactus
18  One Succulent

FLORAL DECORATION                      Judge Julia Harrison  
Award: Floral Decoration Cup (most points)

19  ‘Oranges and Lemons’ Maximum 60cm x 60cm, height optional
20  ‘Shades of Autumn' – An exhibit using only garden material
             Maximum 45cm x 45cm, height optional
21  'Little Gem'  Maximum 10cm x 10cm, height optional
22   'Floating Heads' – Max 30cm overall

FRUIT                                                  Judge Paul Champion
Awards: Fruit Cup (most points); Pointer Cup (best exhibit)

23  Three Cox’s Orange Pippin or Sunset apples
24  Three Bramley Seedling apples
25  Three dessert apples, any variety except Cox’s Orange Pippin or Sunset
26  Three culinary apples, any variety except Bramley Seedling
27  Three pears, any variety
28  Blackberries, 1 plate, minimum 9 berries
29  Raspberries, 1 plate, minimum 9 berries
30  Any other fruit, 1 plate

 VEGETABLES Judge Paul Champion
Awards: Vegetable Cup (most points); Sid Paver Cup (best exhibit in section)
             Vegetable Challenge Cup (best exhibit in class 46)

31  Three potatoes
32  Three carrots
33  Three onions
34  Five shallots
35  Three beetroot, round
36  Five tomatoes
37  Seven cherry tomatoes
38  Five Chillies, one or more varieties
39  Three Peppers, one or more varieties
40  Five runner beans

41  Three courgettes
42  Three leeks
43  A vase of Mixed Herbs
44  One gourd, pumpkin or squash
45  Any other vegetable
46  Collection of vegetables, five kinds in a box or tray
47 An Amusingly Shaped Vegetable

HOME-MADE PRODUCE Judge Celia Jenkins
Award: Home Cookery Cup (most points)
Please cover cooked items with a clear cover or film

48 A Vegetarian Pasty
49 An Apple Cake
50 3 Ginger Cookies
51 A Lemon Drizzle Cake Men Only (18 years and over)
52 One jar, any jelly
53 One jar, raspberry jam
54 One jar, blackcurrant jam
55 One jar, strawberry jam
56 One jar, any other jam
57 One jar, chutney

PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                     Judge Gill Barlow
Award: The David Mead Cup (best picture)

58 'Otterton Church and/or Graveyard' – one print maximum A4 including mount if used.
59. ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ – one print max A4 including mount if used.


This award will be presented to the young person gaining most points overall in classes 1 to 47. To qualify, the ages of exhibitors under 18 years must be declared on the entry form.